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計劃詳情 Plans Detail


‧ 一頁專業網站版面
‧ 圖文排版,為客人設計及鋪排每一個部分
‧ 響應式網頁設計(自動適應電腦、平板電腦及手機)
‧ 常見網頁設計首頁横額、關於我們、業務介紹、產品/服務及客戶介紹
‧ 網頁聯絡資料或查詢表格
‧ 設定社交平台連結 (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter)、   Google地圖
‧ 設定網頁Icon
‧ 設定網頁Favicon
‧ 首年網頁寄存
‧ 設定一種語言
‧ 首年電郵支援及系統更新服務

One-Page Website Design

‧ One-page professional website layout
‧ Design and arrange layout for customer
. Responsive web design (automatically adapts to computers, tablets and mobile phones)
‧ Common web design homepage banners, about us, business introduction, product/service and customer introduction
‧ Web contact information or enquiry form
‧ Setup social platform link (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter), Google map
‧ Setup webpage Icon
‧ Setup web favicon
‧ First year web hosting
‧ Setup one language
‧ Email support and system update service for the first year​


‧ 購物專業網站版面
‧ 包括一頁網站設計的所有項目
‧ 商品目錄管理功能(商品圖片、文字、大小、價錢、分類)
‧ 商品庫存管理功能
‧ 商品搜尋功能
‧ 內建購物車功能,購物車預覽
‧ 商品稅設定,特價功能
‧ 基本的支付方式 (信用卡 / PayPal / 銀行轉賬/ 貨到付款)
‧ 基本的運費功能(固定運費,免費運送及自行取貨。)
‧ 訂單管理功能,產品銷售報告
‧ 訂單電郵提示功能
‧ 折扣劵功能
‧ 設定一種語言
‧ 可擴展多種功能,不能盡錄
‧ 首年電郵支援及系統更新服務

E-Commerce Website Design

‧ Professional e-commerce website layout
‧ Including all items of one-page website design package
‧ Product catalog management function (product picture, text, size, price, category)
‧ Product inventory management function
‧ Product search function
‧ Built-in shopping cart function, shopping cart preview
‧ Product tax setting, special price function
‧ Basic payment methods (credit card / PayPal / bank transfer / cash on delivery)
‧ Basic shipping fees function (flat rate, free delivery and self-pickup.)
‧ Order management function, product sales report
‧ Order email reminder function
‧ Discount coupon function
‧ Setup one language
‧ Extensible multiple functions
‧ Email support and system update service for the first year

*額外支付方式:支付寶/ Apple Pay / Google Pay / PayMe ,進階運費計算方式,或其他定制功能,可以另外選購。

*Add-on Payment Methods: Alipay / Apple Pay / Google Pay / PayMe, advance shipping calculation methods or custom function can be purchased separately.

Free Website Cost Estimation

*In case of any dispute, Eternity Lab Technology Limited reserves the right of final decision.

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