YouTube’s new AI tool helps creators come up with video ideas

Every technology company is currently finding ways to inject AI into every app and service they run. Google is near the top of that list, and on Friday, the company introduced a new AI tool that is meant to help YouTube creators looking for inspiration.

As spotted by Android Police, YouTube updated its list of test features and experiments on May 3rd to include “a GenAI content inspiration tool on Studio desktop.” The tool being tested is said to “surface content inspiration” to help content creators on the platform come up with new ideas. If you are struggling to decide what to make a video about next, YouTube’s artificial intelligence might be able to steer you in the right direction.

YouTube’s tests and experiments are typically available for a limited time and to a limited group of people, so you might not have access to the AI tool.

That said, you can check to find out by visiting YouTube.com on your desktop and navigating to YouTube Studio > Analytics > Research. If you are in the experiment, you will see a selection of ideas for videos that you can use to start brainstorming.

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According to YouTube, the new AI tool is capable of providing the following ideas:

  • What kinds of content / topics your viewers want to see more of
  • Fresh angles for creative content you haven’t made in the past and could explore creating
  • Outlines / talking points to jump start your creative process

For now, only channels that publish videos in English are part of the test but expect it to roll out to a wider audience if it’s successful. In the meantime, content creators have to keep coming up with ideas themselves instead of relying on YouTube AI.


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