Why does everyone always forget about Beats Fit Pro?

Apple’s various AirPods models are all on sale right now, with prices starting at just $79.99 for entry-level AirPods. You can check out all the other discounts in our guide on the best AirPods deals of the month. There are some great options in there, but too many people forget about Apple’s other headphones brand. With Beats, you get all the same deep integration with Apple devices like the iPhone, but you also get better form factors and deeper bass.

Even people who are shopping for Beats often stick to Studio Buds or over-ear headphones like Studio Pro. But one of my favorite models is Beats Fit Pro, which happens to be on sale for $159.95 right now.

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If you read our Beats Fit Pro review, you know how impressive these earphones are. I’ll still recap some of the highlights for you, though.

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Beats Fit Pro In CaseBeats Fit Pro are awesome earphones with great battery life and deep bass. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Beats Fit Pro earbuds utilize Apple’s H1 headphones chip, just like AirPods Pro. They also have active noise cancelling tech and “Hey Siri” support like Apple’s flagship AirPods Pro. Beats Fit Pro have a more compact design without a stem, however. They also have an MSRP that’s $50 less than AirPods Pro.

The Fit Pro model from Beats sits in the same price range as AirPods 3, but the Beats model is so much better. You get active noise cancelling tech, which is missing from Apple’s AirPods 3. Plus, you get better sound quality and deeper bass from the Beats model.

While they’re discounted, you can pick up a pair of Beats Fit Pro earbuds for less than the retail prices of AirPods Pro and even AirPods 3. A 20% discount drops them to just $159.95, which is a fantastic value for earphones this good.

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Also of note, the current discount applies to all 10 different colorways. That’s another big advantage that Beats Fit Pro have over AirPods Pro and AirPods 3, which both only come in white.

Beats Studio BudsApple’s Beats Studio Buds also have a $50 discount, dropping them to $99.95. Image source: Apple Inc.

In addition to that deal, there’s also a big discount available on the less expensive Beats Studio Buds.

Studio Buds are similar to Beats Fit Pro, but they don’t have the same quality active noise cancelling or little ear hooks for a more secure fit. Some people find that the ear hooks on Beats Fit Pro keep them from moving around during runs and workouts.

With 24 hours of battery life between the earbuds and the included charging case, Beats Studio Buds are a great value at $150. Today, however, you can pick up a pair for just $79.95 on sale.

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Finally, there are a few more Beats deals available for people who prefer over-ear headphones.

The best offer today is on the Beats Studio headphones, which have a huge discount. That cuts your price to just $179.95 instead of $350 for over-ear noise cancelling headphones that deliver incredible sound and excellent battery life.

These are the best wireless headphones that Beats has ever made, and they’re almost half off right now.

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