Want an AMD RX 7000 GPU? Asus is offering cashback on RDNA 3 graphics cards in some countries

Asus has a new cashback offer on its AMD RX 7000 series graphics cards in Europe, giving buyers some decent discounts.

Tom’s Hardware reported that this is for those in the UK, and also Austria, France, and Germany, and the offer applies to certain Asus TUF Gaming (such as the excellent RX 7900 XTX) and Dual graphics cards from the RDNA 3 family.

The biggest chunk of cash is predictably knocked off the most expensive GPU, so with the 7900 XTX buyers are getting £85 cashback in the UK or €100 in Europe (that’d be around $110 in the US, or AU$170).

The cashback amount is dropped proportionally the lower you go down the RX 7000 GPU hierarchy, of course, but buyers of an RX 7600 (Dual) still get a worthwhile £35 back on their purchase, or €40 (around $45 in the US, AU$70).

There’s an extra twist that in Germany, you also get a Gamesplanet voucher to the same value as the cashback, as a bonus, and in the UK, you get an Asus RateMyGear reward (to the value of £25, so not quite as generous as Germany). Unfortunately for French buyers, they just get the cashback, with no extra bonus thrown in.

Buyers must ensure they purchase from one of the selected retailers running the promotion in these countries, and the offer runs out at the end of the month, March 31. Note that you can redeem your cashback up until April 5, 2024, though, so don’t forget.

In the UK, these are the participating retailers:

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  • Asus UK store
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  • Awd-it.co.uk
  • Argos.co.uk
  • Currys.co.uk
  • Novatech.co.uk
  • Very.co.uk

Analysis: Give other regions some cashback goodness

While cashback is obviously a welcome money-saving initiative, we’d still prefer a straight discount – though we’re quibbling here, naturally. It’s good to see a reduction in price, especially as there’s a decent chunk off the RX 7800 XT – the cashback works out at 12.5% off (plus the RateMyGear reward on top) in the UK for example, making the leader of the pack in our roundup of the best GPUs an even more tempting option.

This being a European-only deal seems a little odd, and we wonder if a similar scheme will come into play for other regions. It seems a little odd to be missing out the US here, so maybe that’s in the pipeline? We’ll keep an eye out for developments.

Naturally, though, before pulling the trigger on an Asus RDNA 3 graphics card, it’s clearly worth considering rival products which might be, at any given time, cheaper than the TUF or Dual you’re looking at even after the cashback. As ever, shop around, and don’t forget to check out our highlights of the best graphics card deals.

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