tvOS 17.2 beta 1 now available, here’s what we know so far

After releasing tvOS 17.1 to Apple TV and HomePod models, Apple is now seeding the first beta of tvOS 17.2. Since Cupertino released most of the tvOS 17 features a month ago, there isn’t much we can expect from this software update.

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For example, with tvOS 17.1, Apple expanded the Enhanced Dialogue feature to all pairs of HomePod models with an Apple TV 4K. Previously, this feature was only available for a pair of HomePod 2. The company says enabling this function lets Apple TV users hear more clearly what is being said over the effects, action, and music in a movie or TV show.

Despite this change, there’s only one feature lacking for tvOS 17, which Apple might be adding with tvOS 17.2:

  •  Audio Focus gives users the ability to prioritize the volume of the music or the trainers’ voices in Apple Fitness+.

That said, it’s unclear what other features Apple might be working on. With a future software update, Cupertino may be planning to add more languages to Siri – or improve the existing ones.

Interestingly, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman recently said Apple was planning to revamp the TV app and discontinue the iTunes Movies app. This might be happening with tvOS 17.2 beta.

With tvOS 17, Apple added a major revamp to Apple TV users. For the first time, the Apple TV hardware integrates with the iPhone camera with the Continuity Camera feature on the new system.

In addition, Apple Music Sing also integrates with Continuity Camera so Apple TV users can see themselves onscreen and add “entertaining filters” while singing. 

Even though iOS 17 didn’t get a revamped Control Center as it was rumored, the Apple TV with tvOS 17 did. The new Control Center focuses on making things easier for the Apple TV. From there, you can see the system status, the current time, and the active profile. It also makes connecting Bluetooth devices or checking your Home accessories easier. Bringing the new UI to multiple platforms, a new Control Center interface is also available in watchOS 10.

Besides tvOS 17.2 beta 1, Apple is seeding the first beta of iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2, watchOS 10.2, and macOS 14.2 to all users.


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