Toyota and Lexus jump on the NACS train, gaining access to Tesla Superchargers

I know I’ve been reporting on all of the EV automakers that are jumping on the Tesla NACS train, but this is a big one.

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A ton of automakers have announced this year that they will be adopting Tesla’s NACS (North American Charging Standard) connector for their future electric vehicles. All of those companies have also announced deals with Tesla to gain access to the company’s vast Supercharger network.

However, there have been a few big holdouts, one of which has been Toyota. You get where I’m going with this, right? That wait is over. In a press release, Toyota announced that it will become the latest automaker to adopt Tesla’s charging connector in its future electric vehicles starting in 2025. In addition to Toyota, Lexus will also be adopting the port on its EVs starting in 2025 as well. If you aren’t into cars — Toyota owns Lexus.

According to the press release, both EV brands will adopt the NACS (North American Charging Standard) connector on vehicles built for use in North America starting in 2025. In addition to switching from the CCS connector, both company’s EV models will also gain access to Tesla’s 12,000+ Supercharger network starting in the same year. That seems to be the deal for all companies that have announced this, so 2025 is going to be a big deal in the EV world.

In addition to gaining access to Superchargers, Toyota says that it will offer a CCS to NACS adapter to customers who are stuck with a CCS connector on their existing electric vehicle.

Toyota will incorporate the NACS ports into certain Toyota and Lexus BEVs starting in 2025, including the all-new, three-row, battery-electric Toyota SUV that will be assembled at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK). Additionally, customers owning or leasing applicable Toyota and Lexus vehicles equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS) will be offered access to an adapter to enable NACS charging starting in 2025.

Toyota is the latest EV automaker to announce the adoption of NACS and access to the Supercharger network. Over the course of this year, other big names like MercedesRivianGMVolvo, Nissan, and BMW have all announced similar deals with Tesla. All of those companies not only plan to support the NACS charger, but all will gain access to the extensive Supercharger network as well.

The announcement also came in the same week that ChargePoint, a third-party charging network, revealed that it is rolling out NACS connectors to all of its stations in North America.


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