Threads launches post editing and voice recording in new update

The great Zuck has spoken. There are new features for Threads today!

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If you’ve been on Threads lately, you’ve likely come across people screaming for new features. From boosting news to lists or DMs, the users on the platform have been craving for a new feature release that includes something they personally (and desperately in some cases) want to have. Today, we are getting two new features that will make at least some of those users happy.

In a post on the platform, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that starting today, users will now be able to edit a Thread or record a voice message as a Thread. The feature appears to be rolling out immediately with some users already having the ability to edit a post.

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Parker Ortolani from Vox was able to get immediate access to the edit function which, according to Ortolani, allows you to edit a posted Thread for five minutes after you post it. In order to get to the Edit button, you’ll need to tap the three-button ellipses at the top right of your post and, at the top of the list, see the Edit button as well as the timer that shows you how long you have left to edit your post.

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I personally got access to the Edit function and can confirm that, if you do make an edit to a post within the five-minute time limit, there is no way to see the previous versions of the post before it was edited. This opens up a concern for users who may post something nefarious and then quickly change it and act like they never said it.

In a statement to The Verge, Meta spokesperson Christine Pai just confirmed that the company currently isn’t planning to add edit history to posts that use the edit button. Hopefully, Meta will add the ability to see the version history in the future.

Post by @heyimjoew

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I haven’t seen voice posts pop up just yet, so we’ll have to see how those work (and if transcription is supported at launch). The company has shared what that experience will look like with a screenshot, however. It does appear that, in addition to the voice message itself, the message will be transcribed into text as well:

However, it is notable that editing a post on Threads is a free feature. In comparison, X (formerly known as Twitter) charges users for the privilege of editing a post on the platform. We’ll have to see if X responds and changes this policy.

In the meantime, enjoy editing those typos!

October 12, 2023 at 2:31 PM EST: Updated with screenshots of the Edit and Voice Thread features provided by Threads.

October 12, 2023 at 4:59 PM EST: Updated with statement from Meta that it has no plans to add edit history.




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