This Amazon Fire Tablet is the perfect alternative to Apple’s pricey iPads

When Amazon released the first batch of Fire Tablets, it was pretty clear what the company’s intention was. As is the case with many of its other product lines, Amazon looked to undersell all of its top competitors by offering dirt-cheap options that were actually pretty good. Then, as time went on and the company released new models, it started to focus more on quality and features instead of only on price.

These days, there are plenty of affordable tablet options available to compete with Amazon’s lineup. That’s why we often see terrific deals like the Fire Tablet sale available right now. Amazon is offering deep discounts on a few different models, but there’s one that’s the clear star of the show. The Fire 11 Max is Amazon’s biggest and best tablet, and it’s currently on sale starting at only $179.99. It’s bigger and arguably better than Apple’s cheapest iPad tablet, yet it’s selling for around half as much.

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If you want to skip straight to the good stuff, you can find all of the current Fire Tablet deals on this Amazon page. But if you want help figuring out which Fire Tablet is right for you, I’ll cover everything you need to know right here.

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There are plenty of iPads on sale right now, as you can see in BGR’s guide on the best Apple deals. But even with deep discounts, iPad tablets are far more expensive than Amazon’s Fire Tablet lineup.

Fire HD 8 Tablet deals

First up, we have some of the best prices of the year on Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablets.

The latest version of the Fire HD 8 was released in 2022, and I think it offers the best balance of affordability and functionality. The Fire 7 tablet is the cheapest model, but the Fire HD 8 is more than worth the upgrade — especially while it’s on sale.

As the name suggests, this model features an 8-inch display. It sports a hexa-core processor that’s 30% faster than the previous-generation model, and it’s also more efficient. The Fire HD 8 tablet offers up to 13 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Other key specs include 32GB or 64GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, microSDXC support, dual speakers, Dolby Atmos support, and Amazon’s special version of Android. That means this tablet supports all of the great streaming apps, productivity apps, and games you might want.

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With a retail price of $99.99, the Fire HD 8 is already less than half the price of the most affordable iPad. Thanks to today’s Fire Tablet deals, you can pick up a refurb starting at just $54.99.

In addition to the base model, there’s also an upgraded version of this tablet.

The Fire HD 8 Plus tablet looks just like the regular model, but it offers a few key upgrades. The most notable differences include wireless charging support, 3GB of RAM, a 2MP front-facing camera, a 5MP rear camera, and a thinner case than the regular model.

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It’s a solid upgrade, but models in new condition unfortunately aren’t included in Amazon’s current Fire Tablet sale. Renewed Fire HD 8 Plus tablets are discounted though, so you can get one starting at $64.99.

That said, I’ve tested both versions extensively, and for me, the Fire HD 8 is the better tablet. It’s less expensive so the bang-for-your-buck factor outweighs the minor specs bump that you get with the Plus version. It’s a closer call while refurbs are discounted though, so you’re getting a good deal regardless of which model you choose.

Fire HD 10 and Max 11 discounts

If you’re looking for tablets with bigger displays and more power than the HD 8 series, Amazon has two more deals you should definitely check out.

The Fire HD 10 is Amazon’s older flagship tablet. It has a nice big 10-inch display that’s about the same size as the one on Apple’s latest iPads. But it costs a fraction of the price of the 10th-generation iPad it competes with.

Amazon’s Fire HD 10 Tablet touts specs like an octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB of storage, microSDXC support up to 1TB, and 12-hour battery life. All that is wrapped in a durable tablet that retails for just $140.

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Then there’s the Fire Max 11 Tablet, which replaces the old Fire HD 10 Plus. It’s basically a supercharged version of the Fire HD 10 model.

In addition to the larger 11-inch display, the Max 11 version includes a powerful octa-core processor, support for wireless charging, 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB, Dolby Atmos, and a soft-touch finish that users love.

With a retail price starting at $230, the Fire Max 11 undercuts every comparable tablet from big rivals like Apple and Samsung. While it’s on sale, however, you can save up to $80. The 64GB model with ads is down to $179.99, while the 128GB model with no ads is on sale for $199.99, down from $280.

In my opinion, you should definitely spend the extra $20 to double your storage and ditch the lock screen ads.

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