Samsung to copy the iPhone yet again with its titanium Galaxy S24 Ultra

With the iPhone 15 Pro ditching its stainless steel finish for titanium, it seems Samsung might follow this trend with its upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone. Interestingly, while the South Korean company is the first to mock Apple over design changes, the firm is usually one of the first to copy Apple’s choices.

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According to the Korean blog The Elec, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the first in the series to adopt the titanium material, as Samsung plans to expand the application of titanium if it’s well-received by customers.

The publication notes that if Samsung widely adopts this new material alongside Apple, it will become an industry-wide trend. In addition, The Elec reports that the South Korean company was in the late stages of securing the yield rate for the titanium frame cases, as it’s working with multiple Chinese suppliers and its staff in its assembly plant in Vietnam.

Samsung plans to produce up to 15 million titanium frame cases, the same number of Galaxy S23 Ultra shipped in 2023.

As seen with Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro models, titanium made these phones lighter. But since Samsung prioritizes lightweight aluminum instead of steel, Galaxy users won’t likely notice a significant weight change.

The Elec notes that Galaxy S24 Ultra will use a flat screen instead of an edged one, as its borders will be rectangular. This is a new technology and will help Samsung make its phones more resistant.

Other rumors suggest Galaxy S24 might be Samsung’s first phone with built-in generative AI like ChatGPT thanks to Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 8 chip.

Samsung did not detail the kind of generative AI features it’s working on. Or whether it’ll partner with ChatGPT or any other company to deliver them. But it provided a key detail about its ChatGPT-like tech that I want from Apple and everyone making hardware with built-in generative AI features.

BGR will keep following the latest rumors on Samsung’s upcoming high-end smartphones.


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