New Google ad mocks iPhone 15 and Apple’s switch to USB-C

A few weeks ago, Google released an ad mocking the iPhone due to its lack of Live Translate feature. Now, before the iPhone 15 announcement, the company published a new ad making fun of Apple’s late switch to USB-C, while the Pixel always had it.

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The campaign is called #BestPhonesForever, and unlike Samsung’s approach to mock Apple, Google acts like Pixel and the iPhone were best friends playing soccer (or football), going to a spa, etc. In the latest ad released a few days ago, the iPhone is relaxing with a Pixel, chatting about the good old “slide to unlock” days, and then Apple’s phone teases that it might add USB-C to the iPhone 15 models.

Pixel, then, asks, “Are you finally getting USB-C charging?” to which the iPhone goes, “Wait, what, how do you know?” The ad finishes with Google telling customers to “rest up for October 4,” when the company is holding a Pixel event.

The iPhone 15 is heavily rumored to switch the Lightning port over USB-C. While Apple will likely promote this change by saying this is good thanks to faster Thunderbolt transfer speeds and unified cable for all Apple products, this change will occur due to the European Union demanding that all smartphones have a unified cable to help protect the environment while don’t lock users in a single ecosystem.

Rumors believe the standard iPhone 15 models will have USB-C 2.0 transfer speed, but users will get a longer, 1.5m braided cable with matching colors. In addition, Apple might not require Made For iPhone certification for third-party makers to offer their cables to iPhone users.

In addition, iPhone 15 Pro models could have an exclusive Thunderbolt 4 port, but this cable will likely be sold as an accessory rather than packed with the iPhone’s case. It’s also rumored to be shorter than the cable from the standard iPhone 15 models.

With the Apple September Event taking place on September 12, BGR has gathered everything Cupertino might release next week in our article below.




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