macOS 15 AI might be the best reason to upgrade to an M4 MacBook Pro

macOS 15 is Apple’s upcoming operating system for its Mac computers. While little is known about this operating system update, rumors point out that Cupertino is focusing on AI features. With that, both upcoming iPhone and Mac models will get a taste of Apple’s newest AI functions.

While I already upgrade yearly to a new iPhone, I’m sure I’ll get the latest AI features with an iPhone 16 Pro, but I might need a new MacBook Pro to take advantage of Apple’s best AI capabilities.

According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple plans to “highlight the AI processing capabilities of the components and how they’ll integrate with the next version of macOS.” With Cupertino already promoting the M3 MacBook Air as the “best AI laptop” even though it doesn’t highlight any new features, at least we’ll get a glimpse of upcoming AI functions before Apple introduces the M4 chip.

In addition, since the M4 Macs will be based on the A18 family, they will likely be more powerful than the A17 family, but they will manage heat and power consumption better. That said, Apple might compare the M4 capabilities with M3 and not with M1 or Intel chips, as it has been doing with the M3 family.

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It all depends on what Apple announces in macOS 15

I currently have an M1 Pro MacBook Pro. While this MacBook is still excellent for my day-to-day usage, I think macOS 15 – alongside the M4 MacBook Pro – could start limiting new features for newer chips, especially now that Apple is rumored to focus on AI features.

Of course, I’ll still have to discover which AI functions Apple plans to unveil to decide whether they’ll make my workflow more seamless, but it won’t take longer until I find out that.

Since macOS Sonoma was a mild yet buggy update, I hope Apple improves the macOS experience with version 15 while bringing quality-of-life improvements, whether through AI or by polishing the system, just like we have with macOS High Sierra.

Once we discover all the new features coming with macOS 15, it’ll be easier to decide if I should get a new Mac later this year, as the next design change is expected for 2026 or later.


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