M3 Mac event news: All of Apple’s biggest announcements

With Apple’s Scary Fast event now over, we gathered everything Cupertino announced during this Mac-centered keynote. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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How to watch Apple’s M3 Mac event?

The M3 Mac event took place at 5 p.m. PT on October 30, 2023. Although the event is over, you can watch it on Apple’s YouTube channel or the company’s website.

Everything Apple announced during its Scary fast event

You can find everything Apple announced during the Scary fast event below.

M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max

M3, M3 Pro, AND m3 mAXImage source: Apple Inc.

Apple announced the new family of chips with M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max processors. They all come in the 3nm technology process with next-generation GPU. Apple says is has an innovative Dynamic Caching feature and Mesh Shading for games.

M3: Up to 24GB of RAM, 8-core CPU (4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, up to 35% faster than M1, and up to 20% faster than M2). It offers a 10-core GPU, up to 65% faster than M1 and up to 20% faster than M2.

M3 Pro: Up to 36GB of RAM, 12-core CPU (6 performance cores and 6 efficiency cores, up to 20% faster than M1 Pro). It offers an 18-core GPU, up to 40% faster than M1 Pro and up to 10% faster than M2 Pro.

M3 Max: Up to 128GB of RAM, 16-core CPU (12 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, up to 80% faster than M1 Max and up to 50% faster than M2 Max). It has a 40-core GPU, up to 50% faster than M1 Max and 20% faster than M2 Max.

M3 MacBook Pro family available

M3 MacBook ProImage source: Apple Inc.

Apple has ditched the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro with a new 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M3 chip. The company also offers this model with M3 Pro and M3 Max processors. There is also a 16-inch model with M3 Pro and M3 Max options. Apple says the largest Mac offers a 22-hour battery life. All the Macs have a Super Retina XDR Display, a 1080p FaceTime camera, and six speakers.

In addition, MacBook Pro models with M3 Pro and M3 Max get an exclusive Space Black color. These machines start at $1,599.

iMac now comes with M3 chip

Image source: Apple Inc.

With the same 24-inch 4.5K Retina display and a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, Apple still bets on the white frame in seven different options (green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver) This all-in-one computer celebrates 25 years of the first iMac. This time, this Mac comes with the M3 chip.

In general, iMac with M3 is up to 2x faster than the prior generation with M1. And for those upgrading from an Intel-based iMac, the new iMac is up to 2.5x faster than the most popular 27-inch models and 4x faster than the most powerful 21.5-inch model. This Mac starts at $1,299.

Wrap up

These were all the announcements from Apple’s Scary fast event. You can keep checking BGR‘s coverage to learn everything about them – and how they compare to their predecessors.


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