Leaker says Apple could reduce jelly scrolling issue with upcoming iPad mini 7

After users complained about a jelly scrolling issue with iPad mini 6, it seems Apple could fix – or at least reduce this problem – with an upcoming new version of Apple’s smallest tablet.

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The information comes from the Weibo account Instant Digital (via MacRumors). They were accurate about the yellow iPhone 14, the frosted back glass on the iPhone 15, and the spatial video feature on the iPhone 15 Pro. Now, they say the iPad mini 7’s screen assembly will be rotated to reduce this jelly scrolling issue.

Although there was a lot of chattering during the release of the iPad mini 6, this issue is actually a normal behavior for LCDs. Basically, there’s a delay between the lines at the top and the lines at the bottom when they’re refreshed.

But due to how the display is assembled, it’s more apparent on smaller displays, so when using the iPad mini 6 in portrait mode, you can notice that one part of the display refreshes slightly faster than the other.

That said, I’ve been using an iPad mini 6 for a couple of years now, and I never experienced this issue. It doesn’t mean it’s not there, but you need to make an effort to see it. In addition, it does not affect the iPad being used in landscape mode.

Although a future iPad mini is expected to switch to OLED and fix this issue – probably around 2026 – an upcoming tablet may only reduce this problem.

Apple is widely expected to refresh this lineup with the A16 Bionic chip and other small improvements as soon as this October. In addition, the company might be working on a new USB-C Apple Pencil. However, it’s unclear whether it’s a newer generation or a replacement for the current first-gen accessory.

BGR will let you know once Apple releases this iPad and if the company can fix this jelly-scrolling issue.




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