Last-minute leak reveals everything Apple plans to announce at WWDC 2024

WWDC 2024 kicks off on Monday. A last-minute leak reveals all the main features Apple is expected to unveil during its developer conference. It’s important to note that MacRumors and AppleInsider have shared most of the details, and now Bloomberg is corroborating several of them.

According to Mark Gurman’s latest report, half of WWDC 2024 will be focused on AI features. Even though it took Apple two years to enter the generative AI trend, the conference is finally ready to unveil big changes in this field for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

Cupertino will call its AI efforts Apple Intelligence, but it will also announce a partnership with OpenAI to power ChatGPT-like chatbot. Unlike other players, Apple will focus its AI efforts on how they can ease the daily lives of customers, so image and video generation won’t be something that we’ll see during the conference.

This WWDC 2024 leak also reveals that Apple’s AI features will require an iPhone 15 Pro and the newer iPhone 16 models when unveiled later this year. M1 Mac and iPad models will also be required for the latest AI functions.

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iOS 18 rumor / Control Center on iPhone 15 ProImage source: José Adorno for BGR

Cupertino will use both on-device and cloud servers for Artificial Intelligence. However, the company will spend part of the conference explaining that cloud-based computing won’t build user profiles based on customer data, and the company will generate reports to show information is secure.

As previously highlighted by BGR, these are some of the AI features Apple will introduce during WWDC 2024, per Gurman’s leak:

  • Summarization: Quickly recap articles and web pages in Safari, meeting notes, text messages, emails, and notifications;
  • Smart Reply: The iPhone will create fully fleshed-out responses to emails and text messages;
  • Siri: A revamp of the personal assistant is coming thanks to new large language models; Siri will be able to delete an email, edit a photo, or summarize a news article. In the future, it might allow third-party apps to integrate with the personal assistant;
  • Xcode: Like Microsoft GitHub Copilot, Apple will let developers complete code using AI; this will likely arrive next year;
  • Mail: Apple plans a Gmail-like feature to automatically categorize incoming messages;
  • AI-created emoji: AI will be used to create custom emoji characters;
  • Voice Memos: Thanks to AI, the app will automatically transcribe recordings;
  • Photos app: Apple will use AI to create new photo editing capabilities, enhance an image, remove a person or object from the frame, and more.

WWDC 2024 leak reveals other software improvements coming

14-Inch M3 Max MacBook Pro DisplayImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

In this WWDC 2024 leak, Mark Gurman also reveals some other changes coming to Apple’s operating systems unrelated to AI.

For example, iOS 18 will allow users to rearrange the Home Screen by placing apps wherever they want, as well as add a custom color to app icons. The Control Center will also have an updated interface to rearrange icons and place them across multiple pages.

The Settings app is reportedly improving navigation with better organization and more reliable search. The Messages app will add new effects features, colorful icons for Tapbacks, the ability to schedule a message to send later, and RCS.

A long-awaited Passwords app is coming in addition to changes for Calculator, Calendar, and Health apps. Apple is also planning new wallpaper packs, including options that look similar to early ones on the iPhone. watchOS 11 and visionOS 2 are expected to be fairly minor upgrades, with the latter bringing new environments and Vision Pro versions of iPad software.

Wrap up

Keep checking BGR for the latest WWDC 2024 details.


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