iPhone 16 Pro rumored to have the brightest display on any iPhone ever

The latest rumors surrounding the iPhone 16 Pro reveal that Apple might be planning the brightest display to date on any iPhone. Weibo leaker Instant Digital (via MacRumors) says Cupertino wants to add a 20% brighter display to its upcoming 2024 iPhone models.

With that, the SDR brightness would be 1,200 nits compared to the 1,000 nits of the previous generations. The standard maximum brightness has been unchanged since the iPhone 13 Pro, and Apple hasn’t improved HDR peak brightness since the iPhone 14 Pro, with up to 2,000 nits.

While Instant Digital has a good track record of leaks – they were right about the yellow iPhone 14, the colored glass of iPhone 15, the landscape front-facing camera on the newest iPad models, and even a nano-texture display for the M4 iPad Pro –they’re not the only one expecting a brighter display for the iPhone 16 Pro. The Elec also mentioned a few months ago that Apple wants to increase the brightness of the newest iPhone models.

According to the publication, the next iPhone display could be even brighter as Samsung and LG have apparently demoed micro-lens arrays (MLA) OLED panels to Apple.

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Placing the MLA layers of lenses within the OLED panel would turn reflected light toward the user. This would increase the brightness of the handset without increasing the power consumption. An immediate advantage would be reducing the power consumption when using the OLED panel at regular levels. However, the MLA layer could impact viewing angles.

Other rumors of the iPhone 16 Pro display say Apple wants to increase the panel size to 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch versions and even decrease the bezel of all iPhone 16 models by using a new Border Reduction Structure technology, which rolls up the internal copper wiring into a compact package.

It’s unclear how small it can get since current bezels are 1.55mm for iPhone 15 Pro models, but it seems Apple is focusing on reducing the bottom bezel of all new iPhones.

Below, you can discover all the latest iPhone 16 rumors we have gathered so far.


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