iPhone 16 Pro Max may feature new battery tech that won’t be in other 2024 iPhones

I’m a European who isn’t happy with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) and its impact on the future of the iPhone. But the EU does have other initiatives that might change the way Apple designs iPhones for the better. These policies would benefit iPhone users worldwide.

Specifically, the EU wants batteries in consumer devices like smartphones to be easier to replace. It’s all part of legislation meant to reduce battery waste, and the iPhone will not be spared.

Apple has several years to ensure the iPhone’s battery is easier to swap with a replacement. That doesn’t mean the iPhone will feature batteries the user can easily replace at home. In fact, I highly recommand you visit a certified repair shop to service your battery rather than using DIY tools to take the iPhone apart.

As a longtime iPhone user who routinely changes old iPhone batteries with new ones, I’m happy to see mounting evidence that Apple is already planning ahead to ensure the iPhone eventually adheres to these new guidelines. A new report says Apple is working on an iPhone battery featuring a metallic enclosure. This would remove the glue that holds these batteries in place. The tech could debut in at least one iPhone 16 model this year, so Apple can test it out on a mass-produced device.

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I’m now convinced the iPhone 16 Pro Max could serve as Apple’s testbed for the new technology. That’s because a different battery report concerning the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max mentioned similar upgrades for the handset.

The The Information is typically accurate with its reports, and the news site has learned more details about Apple’s plan to make iPhone batteries more replaceable. The new tech reportedly involves using a metal case for the battery instead of foil. This new case would then let anyone swap the battery by applying an electric current to it instead of fighting with glue. The technology is known as “electrically induced adhesive debonding.”

Most people will not need to worry about what the procedure is called or how it works. But repair shops will certainly appreciate it, as swapping out an old battery for a new one could be significantly easier.

The report notes that Apple could debut the technology on at least one iPhone 16 model this year and then expand it to all iPhone 17 models next year, presuming things go well.

How to check iPhone 15 battery cycleHow to check iPhone 15 battery cycle. Image source: José Adorno for BGR

Apple usually introduces new technology on its iPhone Pro Max. Most of the time, it impacts the user in an obvious way, like the new tetraprism zoom lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The tech will then trickle down to more devices in the future. The same tetraprism zoom lens is rumored to be included in the smaller Pro model this year, too.

Also, the iPhone Pro Max usually offers the best battery life of the new handsets. Rumors indicate that will be the case for the iPhone 16 Pro Max. Using a metallic battery case might help with that. How? A different report from a trustworthy source explained it a few weeks ago.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature a higher-density battery. This will be made possible by the use of a stainless steel battery case. This will be a first for the iPhone battery. The metal case should help dissipate heat better. Higher-density battery cells will generate more heat.

Kuo also said that using a metallic battery would let Apple prepare for the EU legislation. However, he did not refer to the “electrically induced adhesive debonding” tech from this week’s report. But Kuo did mention the iPhone 16 Pro Max as the only iPhone 16 series device to benefit from this new battery technology. He also said all iPhone 17 models could get batteries with metallic cases next year.

Finally, we saw leaks from other sources that showed the purported metal battery packs suppliers are producing for the iPhone 16 this year.

All these developments tell me that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will introduce new battery tech, allowing Apple to experiment with various innovations before it has to decide on a new battery standard that would meet the EU’s requirements. Electronic device makers have at least until 2027 to prepare.


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