iPhone 15’s USB-C port might convince Android users to switch, survey says

The iPhone 15 series will be the first to feature USB-C charging ports, replacing Lightning. Apple will no doubt make a big deal about the benefits the switch to USB-C will bring iPhone users, without necessarily acknowledging the role of the European Union’s legislation that forces smartphone vendors to use the port for charging.

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The USB-C port isn’t the only reason to upgrade to the iPhone 15. However, a new survey indicates that USB-C might convince existing iPhone buyers to upgrade. Not only that, but current Android users might also be tempted to switch to iPhone now that Apple has embraced USB-C.

SellCell conducted the survey, asking over 1,000 iPhone users and over 1,000 Android users the same questions.

The company found that nearly 63% of iPhone owners would upgrade to iPhone 15 because of the USB-C port. Almost 37% of those who would upgrade said they’d do it because they could use a single charging cable for iPhones, Macs, and iPads. A further 30% said the iPhones would be compatible with non-Apple chargers.

As for the users who said that the USB-C charger would not prompt them to buy an iPhone 15, more than 38% said they were happy with the current iPhone. Another 31% said the new port would not influence their decision to upgrade the handset. As an iPhone 14 Pro owner, I would also agree with the latter. The USB-C port alone wouldn’t be enough to upgrade, especially not from last year’s Pro model.

Interestingly, some 66% of iPhone owners told SellCell they would upgrade to an iPhone 15 whenever that happens.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro PortiPhone 14 Pro’s Lightning port. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Looking at Android, SellCell found that more than 44% of Android device owners said they’d get the iPhone 15 because of USB-C charging. Of those, nearly 36% said that the new phones will be compatible with chargers used by non-Apple devices. A further 27% said customers could use a single cable for iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

As for the Android owners not looking to upgrade to iPhone 15 because of USB-C, nearly 74% said they were happy with the current Android phone.

Overall, only 34% of Android respondents said they’d purchase an iPhone 15 when they upgrade their handsets. That’s even though 44% previously answered that the move to USB-C would motivate them to upgrade to iPhone 15.

I can’t say I’m surprised by these findings concerning Android users. USB-C aside, this isn’t the first recent survey that tells us Android users are willing to switch to iPhone. Apple’s iPhone continues to be a big problem for Google overall and for Samsung in its home market.




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