iPhone 15 Pro fixes the worst thing about Apple’s Vision Pro

As much as I want to buy the Vision Pro, I’m certain I won’t use the spatial computer to capture any photos or videos. I can’t help but cringe at the thought. The last thing I want to do is wear that thing in public settings, which is where I’m most likely to take photos and videos.

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Yet Apple offered us such a scenario during the Vision Pro launch event. Remember the demo featuring the dad using his spatial computer to take photos and videos of his children? Never, never do that.

Thankfully, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max that Apple unveiled on Tuesday come with a brand new photography mode the company invented for the Vision Pro computer. That’s definitely the way to shoot spatial videos for the Vision Pro. Therefore, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are something every potential Vision Pro buyer out there should consider buying if they want to take advantage of spatial videos.

Apple announced the spatial video shooting mode during Tuesday’s iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max announcement. The new camera mode was revealed right at the end of the segment. The iPhone 15 Pros will use wide and ultra-wide cameras to capture those spatial videos.

Never take spatial videos with your Vision Pro headset like this.Never take spatial videos with your Vision Pro headset like this. Image source: Apple Inc.

The iPhone 15 Pro can capture a 3D video using the two cameras simultaneously. You can then view the spatial video on the iPhone and share it with Vision Pro users.

The spatial video mode will be available to iPhone 15 Pro buyers later this year. We didn’t get an actual demo of the feature on iPhone.

iPhone 15 Pros will take spatial video for the Vision Pro.iPhone 15 Pros will take spatial video for the Vision Pro. Image source: Apple Inc.

Also, Apple didn’t show the Camera app’s user interface for the new spatial video. You probably go into spatial video with a swipe, just like you switch camera modes right now. Or maybe it’s a button, like the one that lets you take Live Photos.

Moreover, Apple didn’t explain how much storage 3D clips captured on iPhone 15 Pro will take.

Thankfully, dealing with large media files on the iPhone 15 Pro is much easier. The handset supports Thunderbolt transfer speeds via USB-C and can record directly to external media. Also, base storage starts at 256GB for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so you won’t run out of space right away. Finally, Apple introduced 6TB and 12TB iCloud plans that should come in handy when managing large video files.

Recording a spatial video on iPhone 15 Pro.Recording a spatial video on iPhone 15 Pro. Image source: Apple Inc.

Finally, it’s unclear why the base iPhone 15 models or other iPhone Pro variants can’t shoot spatial videos. These handsets also have ultra-wide and wide cameras that can capture 3D videos. Maybe it has something to do with processing these clips, and the A17 Pro chip might be the key to that. Or perhaps Apple simply wants you to buy an iPhone 15 Pro to capture 3D memories for the Vision Pro.

Whatever the case, you should never ever use the Vision Pro for photos and videos that involve other people in the room. It’s just creepy.

Watching iPhone 15 Pro spatial videos on a Vision Pro headset.Watching iPhone 15 Pro spatial videos on a Vision Pro headset. Image source: Apple Inc.

The Vision Pro launches in the US early next year, something Apple confirmed during the iPhone 15 event. The new iPhone 15 Pros go on preorder this Friday, hitting stores a week later on September 22nd.




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