iPhone 15 is the best-selling iPhone in India, followed by 15 Pro Max

Three weeks after the iPhone 15 series launched, the standard model is the best-selling version in India compared to the other options, according to research from TechInsights seen by BGR. While the iPhone 15 Pro Max attracts more sales in the US and many other countries, industry analyst Abhilash Kumar says Indians prefer the standard model, followed by the 15 Pro Max, 15 Pro, and 15 Plus.

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Currently, all the devices in India are out of stock. Although the country is able to add standard models more easily (just a week of waiting), the Pro models follow the global market and need at least three weeks to be shipped.

TechInsights notes that even though the iPhone 15 Pro Max costs $720 more than the US price, it continues to have high demand, as customers seem to value the tetra prism lens with 5x optical zoom, the new titanium frame, and the USB-C port over Lightning.

The industry analyst notes that the iPhone 15 Plus is better received than last year’s iPhone 14 Plus. One of the reasons is the new model being released alongside all the new phones, while in 2022, customers had to wait until October to get their hands on the iPhone 14 Plus.

Combine that with a bigger battery, the Dynamic Island design, the iPhone 14 Pro’s A16 Bionic chip, improved cameras, and USB-C port, the iPhone 15 Plus adds more value for those wanting a bigger screen but without needing to pay the premium price of the Pro Max option.

That said, TechInsights suggests that of all the models, the iPhone 15 Plus is the smart buy for Indian customers, as it brings nice-to-have features while being available at a better price point.

BGR will keep following the demand for the new iPhones and when people can buy them without waiting weeks.




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