iPad lineup needs its Mac moment, or revenue will continue falling

In 2023, Apple decided not to update any of its iPad models. Although there are several rumors regarding the company planning to give a spec bump to its entire lineup in 2024 – and even adding a 12.9-inch iPad Air as well – I think Apple must give its tablets a Mac moment; otherwise, revenue will continue to go down, and users will continue skipping new models.

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During Apple’s Q3 earnings call, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced Mac and iPad revenue came in at $7.6 billion and $6.4 billion, respectively. During the same quarter a year ago, Mac and iPad revenue came in at $11.5 billion and $7.1 billion, respectively.

Although Mac sales had a considerable dip, Apple couldn’t be prouder with its current lineup. Its Macs are always praised for the company’s silicon, and with a mature operating system such as macOS, even though Sonoma is light on features, it’s still reliable and has what most users need for their everyday tasks.

What concerns me the most about the upcoming iPad models is the lack of new features and a real need to upgrade them. Despite the OLED iPad Pro, which I’m excited to see if Apple is bringing a major design change, as the company is said to be planning new accessories for this tablet, all the other iPads seem to be just dull updates.

In a previous article, I mentioned that since Apple will likely just add a new chip to upcoming iPad, mini, and Air models, the company might as well add more storage options, as 64GB and 256GB are quite limiting.

Despite that, I hope Apple finally brings a revamp to iPadOS. After all these years, the Home Screen is still full of blank spaces, and for most use cases, we need to find workarounds to what could be a simple task on a Mac.

BGR will let you know once we hear more about future iPad models.


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