iOS 18 could feature built-in audio transcription and AI summarization

iOS 18 is expected to be full of AI features, as Apple plans a mix of on-device and cloud-based tools. In AppleInsider‘s latest report, the publication says Apple wants to unveil even more changes to some of its core apps, such as Voice Memos and Notes.

People familiar with the matter told AppleInsider that Cupertino is working on AI-powered summarization and enhanced audio transcription for several of its future operating systems, including iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15. Those functions are expected for Voice Memos and Notes but are not limited to them.

According to the publication, the new Voice Memos app will transcript audio recordings in a similar way to how Live Voicemail works. The transcription button will be a speech bubble icon that will be available in both Voice Memos and Notes apps.

In addition, this function will be deeply integrated with AI summarization, so users can get a summarized version of that recording in text. Apple aims to provide these features to students, journalists, and professionals who attend several video calls, all with on-device AI tools.

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In April, AppleInsider revealed some other iOS 18 AI features. At that time, the publication said Apple wanted to integrate some of its apps with the Notes app, such as a built-in voice recording feature and some kind of Calculator integration within the app. At least the built-in voice recording feature is expected to be available in the first betas of iOS 18, while a “Math Notes” feature might be saved for a later date.

With the in-app recording feature, users will be able to “record, save, and play audio recordings directly from the Notes app.”

Besides that, the publication expects the Calendar and Reminders apps to receive important integration. Other rumors say Apple is working on Safari AI tools, better playlist creation in Apple Music, code completion for developers working on Xcode, and more.

Below, you can get all the latest iOS 18 AI features we know in our full roundup.


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