iOS 17.4 beta: Everything new for iPhone users

With the iOS 17.4 beta cycle just getting started, Apple is promising one of the most significant updates for iPhone users in ages. Although the biggest change focuses on European users, here’s everything we know about this upcoming software update.

European Union exclusive features

European Union users will have the following new features:

Marketplaces – or alternative app stores: App developers in the EU can choose to offer their apps in alternative app stores as long as they meet Apple’s criteria for customer experience, support, and fraud prevention, among other changes.

Notarization for iOS apps: A baseline review that applies to all apps, regardless of their distribution channel, focused on platform integrity and protecting users. Notarization involves a combination of automated checks and human review. 

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Default browser options: EU users can choose a new default browser from a list of the most downloaded browsers on iOS devices just after they update to iOS 17.4.

NFC third-party access: Banks and third-party payment services can be offered for European iPhones.

More access: Developers can ask for additional hardware and software features for Apple.

iOS 17.4 beta 1 features

iOS 17.4 new emojisImage source: José Adorno for BGR

These are the iOS 17.4 features that are going to be available to all users.

Gaming app changes: Streaming game apps will be available on the App Store globally, which includes Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce NOW, offering games inside their own apps.

Messaging with Siri: Siri can read incoming messages in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and more.

Home tab: Apple Music and Podcasts’ Listen Now tab is now called Home.

Podcasts Transcripts: The Podcasts app now offers transcripts for every podcast episode.

New emojis: Over 100 new emojis are available with iOS 17.4. You can discover them here.

Stolen Device Protection changes: Apple has added an option that a double authentication can always be required instead of only unfamiliar locations.

Wrap up

BGR will keep updating this article as we learn more about the upcoming iOS 17.4 changes.


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