iOS 16.4: Everything new in Apple’s latest iPhone update

iOS 16.4 beta testing just started. That said, all iPhone users will still have to wait a few more weeks – or even months – to take advantage of all features this next operating system is set to bring. BGR gathered everything we know about iOS 16.4, and we’ll add more data as the beta cycle follows.

30+ new emojis: In the fourth major update of the iOS 16 beta cycle, Apple is finally adding new emojis. There are 31 new figures available. And, for the first time, no people figures are being added. The highlights include a donkey, jellyfish, hair pick, high-five hands, and new heart colors.

Web push notifications: Home Screen web apps can finally send web push notifications, including badges. In addition, third-party browsers can show a user interface for users to add a website to their home screen. This is a long-promise feature that was set to launch during iOS 16 life cycle.

5G Standalone: Another iOS 16.4 feature coming to US users is a new 5G Standalone function. This will help your iPhone deliver faster speeds of up to 3GBps. Currently, T-Mobile is the only carrier supporting this capability.

Apple Music logoImage source: Apple

Apple Music and Apple Podcasts tweaks: For the Music app, iOS 16.4 includes several tweaks. For example, adding a song to the queue no longer brings a full-screen pop-up. The playlists menu also shows the artwork cover in a smaller size. Apple Podcasts, for example, brings changes to the Library, improvements to Up Next, and CarPlay updates.

Battery: iOS 16.4 now tells you how much the Always-On display consumed while using it.

New Home Architecture: After pulling out the new Home architecture with iOS 16.2, Apple is reenabling it with the latest beta.

Focus Mode improvement: Certain Focus modes can enable or disable the Always-On display automatically with iOS 16.4

We’ll keep adding new features as we learn more about the latest operating system Apple is testing.


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