IFA 2023: First look at Kodad Smile+ and HP Sprocket Panorama Printer

Kodak and HP are attending IFA 2023 with some unreleased products. Both companies have been focusing on instant cameras/printers for the smartphone era, and they are planning to expand their territory in that business. Kodak has an update to its Smile product – the Smile+ – and HP is readying the launch of its Sprocket Panorama Printer. Below are the details and our hands-on experience with these products.

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Starting with Kodak Smile+, this classic-camera-inspired device has a 5MP resolution and offers three different lenses: regular, starry, and retro, with fixed focus and auto flash functions. You just aim at your subject – or select a photo – and the camera prints the image in 2 x 3″ size.

Image source: José Adorno for BGR

It has microSD compatibility, and you can also customize your smartphone photos with the Kodak Smile app. Kodak Smile+ looks really good in hand and could get some love from Gen Zs, but the 5MP camera doesn’t convince much. At IFA’s light, the photos didn’t look very good, but, most likely, in an outdoor scenario, they could look nicer. In addition, these prints are made with a sticky material so you can put them in your fridge, notebook, etc.

Photos taken with retro and neutral filters. Image source: José Adorno for BGR

This camera will be available in blue, green, white, red, and pink, costing 129.99 euros, and a pack with 10 photos costs 15.99 euros. Kodak is aiming at a Q1 2024 release.

For HP Sprocket Panorama Printer the company is releasing this product later in November 2023. It looks like a receipt printer but prints sticky-backed photos from 0.5″- 9″ in length. You can add or create stickers, add your own photo, and use your smartphone for up to four shots.

Image source: José Adorno for BGR

Printing stickers or words looks better than selecting photos, as the image quality doesn’t look as good in an indoor environment – but it could also have to do with the smartphone used at HP’s booth at IFA.

Image source: José Adorno for BGR

This Sprocket Panorama Printer is nice for those looking for a sticker-maker or even your own photobooth device. It will cost 149 euros, and a 5-meter-long printing material costs 39 euros.

BGR will let you know once Kodak and HP release these products.




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