How to check iPhone 15 battery cycle and why you should

With iOS 17.4, Apple now lets you check your iPhone 15 battery cycle as a built-in feature. With many iPhone users worrying about their device’s battery life, Cupertino has announced another important feature for iPhone 15 users.

According to Apple, the iPhone 15’s battery life lasts longer than all previous models. The company says that the iPhone 15 can hold at least 1,000 complete cycles with up to 80% of total battery life, compared to 500 cycles of its predecessors.

Although the company doesn’t explain how – or why –this is probably related to a new setting that lets you charge your iPhone 15’s battery up to only 80%. Whether you should use the iPhone-optimized battery settings is up to you, but there are pros and cons.

Since we’re always looking for iPhone battery-life-saving tips, knowing our iPhone 15 battery cycle is very important. That said, here’s how to check it.

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The iPhone 15 battery cycle helps you understand better the iPhone’s battery health

iPhone 15 Pro Optimized Battery ChargingiPhone 15 Pro Optimized Battery Charging Image source: José Adorno for BGR

For a few years now, Apple has added a few hints it’s time to repair your battery or consider trading up your iPhone for a new model. But what does it mean when the battery health of your shiny new iPhone drops to 99% after three months of usage? Honestly, not much.

Fortunately, now, you can discover not only how many cycles your iPhone 15 has been through – and you know that it can take up to 1,000 before reaching 80% of battery health – and even when your battery was manufactured. Follow the steps below:

  • With your iPhone 15 updated to iOS 17.4, open Settings
  • Search for Battery
  • Tap on Battery Health

From there, you can discover the manufacture date of your iPhone 15 battery when you first used it, and its cycle count. Apple says the cycle count is the number of times an iPhone has used its battery’s capacity. Once it drops below 80%, Apple will say it might be time to replace it.

Why should you care about it?

How to fast charge iPhone 15 ProAn iPhone 15 Pro charging with a USB-C cable. Image source: José Adorno for BGR

Although you shouldn’t worry about how you use your iPhone, it’s nice to understand if your battery is performing well. Not only does it empower users, but it’s also a good marketing strategy when you’re selling your current iPhone to someone else.

Like the Mac, whose battery cycle you can easily discover, this is also important information to give to the person buying your iPhone.

Below, you can learn how to charge your iPhone as fast as possible.


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