Here’s how Apple shot an entire event on the iPhone 15 Pro

While Apple’s Scary Fast event might not have been the most enticing keynote of the company, the final frame of the presentation had people really hyped. Apple claimed it had shot the entire event on the iPhone 15 Pro and edited everything on Mac.

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While stating that a keynote was edited on a Mac is no surprise, it was really interesting to discover that Apple actually shot the full keynote on the iPhone 15 Pro. Frames of a behind-the-scenes – and even the entire video of how Apple has done that have leaked on X during the night – but Cupertino has finally posted on YouTube the process of filming the Apple event on its latest iPhone model.

Here’s the description of the video:

“Take a look at an Apple Event shot on iPhone 15 Pro. The team behind the curtain talks process. The director shoots in low light with amazing results — while treating the iPhone 15 Pro like a real pro camera. Pro workflow specialists name-drop the trio supercharging video on iPhone 15 Pro: ProRes, Apple Log, and USB-C. World-renowned colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld explains how the footage gives him more freedom to create. And the editor talks about bringing the vision to life seamlessly.”

As you can see, it was thanks to USB-C, ProRes, and the new Apple Log that the company could shoot everything in a way that looked like another of its high-quality Apple events. Of course, it’s not just the iPhone since the company has used professional lights, gimbals, and other accessories. Still, it’s pretty impressive how much it’s possible to capture with this phone.

The same happened with one of Olivia Rodrigo’s music videos, which was also captured entirely with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Unlike a music clip from Lady Gaga using the iPhone 11 – which wasn’t good – Apple really outdid itself by combining Log recording and external drive support when using the new iPhone.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes below and also discover everything Apple announced during its Scary Fast event.


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