Hardcore Android fan shares 3 iPhone 15 features he loved, and what kept him from switching

I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 3GS. While I have tried several mid-tier and high-end Android phones over the past 15 years, my daily driver has always been an iPhone, and my work and personal ecosystems have always been Apple’s.

That said, I found it amusing to watch YouTuber JerryRigEverything does the opposite, as he switched to the iPhone 15 Pro after 13 years as a hardcore Android user. Even though he always has the latest iPhones for durability tests, I thought he was one of those YouTubers who always carry both an Android and an iPhone with him – but that’s not the case.

He published a video highlighting three features he loved about the iPhone 15 Pro and three that made him eager to switch back to his Android phone after 100 days of using Apple’s smartphone. He also highlights a few features he didn’t like that much but weren’t a complete issue during his tests. As a long-time iPhone user, it was nice (and sometimes triggering) to see what a hardcore Android user says about Apple’s latest and greatest phone.

3 features to love and 3 to hate about the iPhone 15 Pro, by JerryRigEverything

FaceTime, iMessage, iOS 17FaceTime and iMessage in iOS 17.

Here’s what he loves about the iPhone 15 Pro:

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FaceTime: For the YouTuber, FaceTime is one of Apple’s greatest features. Everything works seamlessly and has exceptional call quality, and you can call anyone with an Apple device with no problem. Interestingly, while several Android apps can make Wi-Fi calls, indeed, none of them work as well as Apple’s FaceTime.

Flashlight modularity: This one caught me by surprise, but JerryRigEverything says he loves how he can change the flashlight’s brightness, which is something he can’t do on his Android phone.

Face ID: He was impressed with Face ID, which works seamlessly. “I don’t ever remember it’s there half of the time,” he said, since the process of unlocking the phone is so smooth. While Android’s counterpart uses other sensors, no manufacturer has created a face scanner as good or as secure as Apple’s.

Now, these were the three things he couldn’t wait to go back to Android, as he hated on his iPhone 15 Pro:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra DisplayGalaxy S23 Ultra smartphone: Display. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

Lack of information: Jerry tells how he overslept since his alarm was scheduled for 8 PM, not 8 AM. He says that on Android, there’s a “safety notification” that shows how long it will take for the alarm to ring after you set the alarm. He also mentions how his Android phone tells him how long it will take for a full charge, while the iPhone doesn’t.

Read without reading: He says that on an Android phone, the notification system lets him read through almost an entire e-mail without tapping it. On iPhone, he said he couldn’t – although I must admit he might have missed the iPhone’s long-press to preview the notification.

No text scheduling: Lastly, Jerry says how he missed being able to schedule messages. This is a long-time iPhone feature request, but Apple still hasn’t added it (you can schedule text messages easily with an iPhone shortcut). On Android, he does that with no issue.

Wrap up

You can check the JerryRigEverything video with a breakdown on everything he loved, hated, and was OK during his time with an iPhone 15 Pro. You might not agree with all his thoughts, but it’s nice to see how someone from the “other side” interacts with Apple’s smartphones with the mindset of an Android user.


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