Google Chrome is getting one of Edge’s best organization features

It looks like Google Chrome is taking a page out of Microsoft Edge’s book this time, as reports of a new organize tabs feature have begun to surface. The option to organize your tabs has been available in Edge for a bit now, but the feature is also now making an appearance in Google Chrome Canary, the test-bed for new features that will move to the browser during future updates.

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This looks like yet another bid by the Chrome team to upgrade the user experience on Chrome, and it should soon be available in a future Chrome update – though Google has yet to share any official release information about the new feature. In Edge, the organize tabs function utilizes AI to determine where tabs should go. We’ll likely see similar functions from Chrome’s version.

Being able to better and more easily organize your tabs in Chrome is going to be a game-changer for power users. As someone who constantly has a mess of tabs open, I’m going to love getting them more organized and easier to manage. Further, we’ll likely see this feature improved more as Google works on it, too. 

You can already utilize Tab Groups in Chrome, but you have to set it up manually if you want to use it. This new organize tabs function would allow you to press a button and then automatically organize the tabs where they need to go. It should be quite the time saver and something that I’m definitely intrigued to try out for myself.

Being able to declutter your workspace more quickly will be revolutionary, especially if AI handles most of the legwork and just requires you to push a button. Of course, there are also concerns about how well the organize tabs feature will work in Chrome. Given the pitfalls of AI showcased with ChatGPT and other AI features, I wouldn’t expect it to be perfect right out of the gate. But maybe Google will surprise us.




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