Former Apple employee shares 7 iPhone tips they should tell you when you buy the phone

The iPhone is one of the most intuitive smartphones on the market. Still, there are several tips to make the experience even better. And who better to provide useful iPhone tips than a former Apple employee? Popular TikTok user Tyler Morgan has posted multiple videos with iPhone tips and tricks in recent months. We gathered some of our favorites below.

Ask Siri to read web articles: If you like audiobooks or don’t have the time to read an article, you can ask Siri to read it for you. For example, with this BGR article open on your iPhone, you can say: “Hey Siri, read the article,” and the personal assistant will start reading and even show how long until the end. In the meantime, you can use another app without interrupting Siri.

Multiple timers on iPhone: Timers have always been an issue for Apple users in general. Over the past few years, Apple has finally started introducing multiple timers on some of its devices. On the iPhone, you can now create multiple timers at once.

Handwritten notes in Messages: One of the oldest iPhone tips is one you might have forgotten. If you turn your iPhone horizontally while typing a message, an icon in the lower-right corner lets you write a handwritten note instead of a typed message.

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Tap to turn on your iPhone: When your iPhone is turned off, do you usually hold the power button until the Apple logo appears? Don’t waste the energy. To turn your iPhone on, just press and hold the power button for a second. That’s it.

Delete apps that could slow down your iPhone: Over time, downloading too many apps could slow down your iPhone. This is why you should delete unused apps. In the Settings app, go to General, then iPhone Storage. There, you can see how big your apps are and the last time you used them. Be sure to delete the ones you aren’t using.

Erase duplicate photos: This is one of the best ways to quickly free up storage space on your iPhone. In your Photos app, tap on Albums, scroll down, and select Duplicates. You can merge or delete all of your duplicated photos with ease.

Record your voice while screen recording: This iPhone hack is especially useful if you usually help people out by using the screen recording feature. Open up your Control Center, find the Record button (a white dot inside a circle), and tap and hold on the button. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a button to toggle the microphone on and off.


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