Are Bose speakers and headphones still the best in 2024?

Of all the popular premium audio brands out there, Bose has been front of mind the longest. The company first made a name for itself in the premium audio market with tiny little bookshelf speakers that packed shockingly big sound. Then QuietComfort noise cancelling headphones came along and instantly became the gold standard for ANC headphones.

In 2024, Bose has more competition than ever before. Brands like Sony, Apple, Sonos, Bowers & Wilkins, and more offer headphones and speakers that are often just as impressive as comparable options from Bose. But when you consider both speakers, headphones, and earbuds — the trifecta of personal audio — Bose is arguably still the best brand out there, all things considered. If you want to see for yourself, now is the perfect time to find out because Bose’s best sellers from all three categories are currently discounted.

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Prices start at just $99.95 for the renewed Bose SoundLink Micro speaker, which typically sells for $119. Bose soundbars are on sale too, including the newest Bose TV speaker for $199 instead of $279. And on top of that, ANC headphones start at $249 instead of $349 for Bose QuietComfort headphones, or $379 instead of $429 for top-of-the-line QuietComfort Ultra headphones. And if you want QuietComfort Ultra ANC earbuds, they’re at an all-time low price of $249 right now.

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I’m a big fan of Bose speakers and headphones, and BGR’s readers are too. In fact, Bose is the second most popular headphones brand among our readers, behind Apple. Of course, BGR’s guide on the best AirPods deals helps explain why AirPods are so popular with our audience.

Like Apple, Bose’s personal audio products are definitely on the pricey side. That’s why they’re so popular when they go on sale, and we have a phenomenal sale to share with you right now.

Starting with Bose speaker deals, the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker is easily one of the company’s best-selling models. It packs surprisingly impressive sound into a very compact speaker. Plus, you get IP67 dust and water resistance as well as up to 6 hours of playback on a charge.

At $119, this model is definitely a great value. Right now at Amazon, however, it’s on sale for just $99.95 if you get one in renewed condition. It comes with Amazon’s renewed guarantee, so you can return it for a full refund within 90 days if you’re not happy with it.

If you want something way more robust, the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Series II speaker with 360-degree sound is down to $249. This is easily my favorite 360-degree portable speaker thanks to the full, rich sound it pumps out.

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Those in search of a portable Bose speaker with a built-in voice assistant should look no further than the Bose Portable Smart Speaker, which is on sale for $349 instead of $399. This is always one of the most popular Bose speaker deals because this model can listen for voice commands using smart assistants like Alexa.

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If you’re looking for Bose speaker deals on soundbars instead, you’re in luck. There are two different Bose soundbar deals in the current sale.

The hottest deal is on the new and improved Bose TV Soundbar, which is on sale for $199. This model is upgraded in so many ways, and it’s $80 off right now. That’s the best deal I’ve seen in months for this model.

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Also on sale is the Bose 600 soundbar, which is down to $399 instead of $499.

This model is definitely in a different league compared to the other two. It features five different drivers and delivers phenomenal sound quality. The Bose 600 soundbar is fantastic for movies, TV shows, or gaming on your PS5 or whatever other consoles you might have.

Or, if you want the best of the best, the Bose Ultra soundbar is on sale for $799 instead of $899. That’s a huge $300 discount, which works out to 33% off the retail price.

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Finally, in addition to all those great Bose speaker deals, there are several popular Bose headphones models that are also on sale.

First and foremost, Bose QuietComfort wireless noise cancelling headphones have a $100 discount that slashes them to $249. These are the headphones you think of when you think of Bose ANC headphones, and they’re still among the best in the business.

The upgraded Ultra headphones model is on sale for $329, while Bose QuietComfort Ultra earbuds are down to $249.

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