Apple reportedly still working on under-display Touch ID for iPhones

Touch ID fans, rejoice! After years of rumors saying Apple could still readopt the Touch ID sensor for new iPhone models, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported some time ago that Apple did test the finger biometric scanner for iPhone 13 models, it seems users can have one last hope.

According to user yeux1122, on the Korean blog Naver (via MacRumors), citing industry sources, Apple plans to debut under-screen Touch ID two to three years after the debut of under-panel Face ID.

Currently, the under-panel Face ID is expected to arrive in 2024 with the iPhone 16 Pro series. Previously, display analyst Ross Young said Apple didn’t apply this technology yet, not because it can’t, but mostly for marketing purposes.

While the company bet on the Dynamic Island for the iPhone 14 Pro models, Apple is reportedly expanding this cutout to all iPhone 15 models later this year; then, with the iPhone 16 Pro, it will reduce the Dynamic Island due to under-display Face ID sensor.

That said, we could see an under-panel Touch ID sensor by 2026 when Young expects Apple to move both the front-facing camera and Face ID panel under the display.

BGR’s take

While many still wait for Apple to bring back Touch ID for the iPhone, it’s unclear whether the company will actually do that. Since Face ID is more secure, over the years, Apple could’ve added other iterations of finger biometric scanners on its smartphone by implementing it to the Side Button, as it does with the iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad 10.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem Apple is really concerned about this technology anymore. In addition, in three years, the company will be focused on other things, such as expanding its headsets from mixed reality to augmented reality and foldable devices.

That said, only time will tell whether Apple will revive Touch ID.



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