Apple needs to fix the iMac’s storage problem

Apple is set to unveil a highly anticipated update to its iMac lineup on Monday, October 30. And if we’re being honest, the refresh is long overdue. The last time Apple revamped its beloved all-in-one computer was all the way back in April of 2021, an update that saw Apple introduce a new design along with expanded color options.

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At the time, Apple’s new iMac lineup garnered generally favorable reviews. The upgrade was significant and included a larger display, an M1 processor, and nostalgic color options that harkened back to the introduction of the original iMac.

iMac storage options leave a lot to be desired

Not all of the feedback, however, was positive.  In particular, the 2021 iMac’s storage configuration options were beyond disappointing. Hopefully, this is something Apple addresses with its upcoming product refresh.

Currently, the entry-level iMac sells for $1,299 and ships with a paltry 256GB of storage. And yes, that is SSD storage. And yes, SSD storage is notoriously pricey. But still, 256GB of storage in this day and age seems woefully insufficient. Especially when you take into account how quickly you can eat into storage with high-quality photos and 4K video, 256GB of base storage is limiting.

Before SSD was the only storage option, iMac users had more expansive storage options. As far back as 2013, the entry-level iMac shipped with 1TB of storage. Users also had the option to switch to a 2TB Fusion drive or a 256GB SSD.

Today, users who want more storage have to fork over an additional $200 for a 512GB SSD drive or an additional $400 for a 1TB SSD drive. Those price points are a bit on the outrageous side. And while there’s no denying that SSD prices are high across the board, Apple’s pricing is over the top relative to rival hardware makers.

Today’s iMac unveiling will hopefully address this frustration. It would be nice to see Apple bump up the storage on the base model to a 512GB SSD. A 1TB drive would be incredible, but that’s admittedly a pipe dream at this point.

Apple understandably prioritizes MacBook refreshes over the iMac, simply because it sells a lot more laptops than iMacs. Consequently, iMac refreshes don’t come along as often as they used to. But this is precisely why it’d be nice to see Apple make the refreshes a tad more compelling when they do happen.

Storage aside, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding Apple’s iMac event later today. Specifically, rumors point to Apple’s new iMac shipping with a brand new M3 processor. Some earlier rumors suggested the new iMacs would ship with an M2 processor, but an M3 now looks a lot more likely. The M3 processor would also allow Apple to provide more expansive RAM options.

Beyond that, rumor has it that the overall look and feel of the iMac will remain the same, albeit with some slight tweaks to the stand. Other reported updates include Wi-Fi 6E support and potentially new color options.

You can watch Apple’s special event, which will also include new MacBook models, over here at 5 PM Pacific Time.


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