Apple issues official warning against trusting people when buying a used iPhone

Sometimes, buying a used iPhone is better than spending full price on a brand-new phone. Whether for you or someone else, Apple has published a support document (via MacRumors) giving several valuable tips and tricks, ranging from where to buy, how to inspect the phone, and more.

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Apple itself offers refurbished phones, but if you’re buying a used iPhone online, ensure it’s from a reliable seller and understand the return policy. In addition, find out if the seller certifies their preowned devices and what the process entails.

If you’re buying in person or inspecting after purchases, there are several things to ensure you have a used iPhone in good condition. Apple says:

  • Remove case and accessories from the iPhone to see if it looks fine;
  • Check for scratches, scuffs, and dents;
  • Inspect the connector for damage or debris

Immediately after that, turn on the device. Apple says, “If the battery won’t charge, don’t buy the iPhone.” Whether you see the Lock Screen or Hello Screen, make sure this preowned iPhone doesn’t have the Activation Lock on. That means that the owner of this phone needs to enter their Apple ID and password before you can add your own ID or delete their stuff.

Once you’re on the preowned iPhone Home Screen, there’s a lot you need to do. Such as:

  • Find out if any parts have been replaced: Go to Settings > General > About. There, you can see if this preowned iPhone is using Genuine Apple Parts or unknown parts. The latter might make the phone not work as expected.
  • Check the battery health: In Settings > Battery > Battery Health, see if the battery is still delivering its maximum capacity or if it needs a replacement. This is important to avoid unexpected shutdowns.
  • Find if the iPhone is locked to a carrier: Go to Settings > General > About. The iPhone is unlocked if “No SIM restrictions” appear next to Carrier Lock. If you see a carrier, then this iPhone can be used only with that carrier. 
  • Connect to Wi-Fi: Try to connect to a Wi-Fi network and see if it works.

Finally, Apple says that you should check if the buttons, camera, speakers, microphone, and display are working properly. You can finally buy a used iPhone once you go through all the steps.

With so many things to check, what Cupertino is saying at the end of the day is: Trust no one and buy a new iPhone with us. Clever, right?




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