Apple announces 2 billion active devices milestone

In its Q1 2023 earnings, Apple shared an important detail on how many of its devices are currently active. According to CEO Tim Cook, the company’s user base continues to grow as Apple now has 2 billion devices active worldwide.

The last time Apple shared this information, it had 1.8 billion models, adding more than 200 million devices in the past 12 months. Interestingly enough, even with supply chain issues over the last months, the company had an impressive installed base growth. For comparison, since 2019, it has been increasing by around 100-150 million new devices per year.

That said, Apple doubled from 1 billion to 2 billion active devices in just seven years. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and CFO Lucas Maestri say this milestone is due to customer satisfaction and loyalty, along with a record number of customers switching from PCs and Android devices.

Apple Q1 2023 Earning Call highlights

For the quarter gone by, the iPhone accounted for$65.5 billion in revenue. As a point of comparison, during last year’s holiday quarter, Apple saw iPhone-based revenue check in at $71.6 billion.

Mac sales also saw a drop in revenue. During the December quarter, Mac’s revenue peaked at $7.7 billion, compared to $10.8 billion in the same quarter a year ago.

iPad sales were a bright spot for Apple during the holiday quarter. iPad-based revenue came in at $9.3 billion compared to $7.2 billion in the year-ago quarter. Revenue from Apple’s Wearables division, meanwhile, fell from $14.7 billion to $13.4 billion, year over year. And lastly, Services revenue reached a new all-time high of $20.7 billion for the quarter.

“We set an all-time revenue record of $20.8 billion in our Services business, and in spite of a difficult macroeconomic environment and significant supply constraints, we grew total company revenue on a constant currency basis,” Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri said in a press release.


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