AI can build you a website, but not a good one

AI is making its way into a lot of things these days. You can always use ChatGPT and even Google Gemini to create code for apps and things. Website builders like Wix will even let you use AI to craft new websites. But are AI website builders actually worthwhile? Well, the answer is kind of complicated.

The idea of hopping on a website builder like Wix and letting AI do most of the heavy lifting might sound enticing. After all, AI has a penchant for making people’s lives easier in a lot of ways. But it can also make whatever task you’re trying to complete unnecessarily difficult if you aren’t careful.

That’s kind of where AI website builders fall into play. Sure, being able to simply put in a prompt and have Wix or another AI builder spit something out is really intriguing and even exciting. But it doesn’t really take away the need to understand what you’re doing when you’re building your website.

Ai website builders use prompts to create your websiteImage source: Wix

Further, because you’re going to have to inevitably filter through some bad choices made by the AI, it might just be easier to do all the work yourself instead of paying AI to do it and then having to fix that work later on.

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The main reason that I think it’s worth avoiding these systems right now is because AI just has too many problems with how it interprets the prompts that you feed it. And since many of these systems will rely on prompts, you could potentially end up doing more work than you needed to get your site up and running.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see the appeal, especially if you think it’s going to help speed up the process. But the point still stands: if you don’t know much about building a website already, using an AI website builder isn’t necessarily going to be easier.

Sure, it will give you a foundation and at least let you have something that looks like a real website. But it also might just end up being even more complicated because you have to fix a bunch of mistakes before you can move forward with it.


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