A future iPhone Ultra could get one of Apple Vision Pro’s best features

While Apple isn’t expected to release an iPhone Ultra with the upcoming iPhone 15 series, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has already reported that an iPhone 16 Ultra could be in the works for 2024. We already have a few details about the upcoming iPhone 16 series, but now a Weibo leaker (via MacRumors) has said that one of the best Apple Vision Pro features might come to an Ultra phone.

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Spatial Photos and Videos, which are said to immerse users in a photo or video by 3D capturing them and then being displayed on the Apple Vision Pro, could come with an iPhone Ultra.

Previously, BGR guessed that Spatial Photos and Videos could come as an iPhone 15 Pro feature as Apple would be preparing to adopt this technology before the Apple Vision Pro is available in early 2024.

But if this leaker is accurate, then the company would prefer to wait for the Apple Vision Pro release before adding this technology to more devices, such as an exclusive iPhone 16 Ultra model.

Even though Apple is expected to improve the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 15 Pro models, add a periscope lens for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and add a few sensor improvements on both phones, this might not be enough for a perfect 3D capturing, which is something, so far, exclusively to the Apple Vision Pro.

This device offers Apple’s first innovative 3D camera, which “can capture magical spatial photos and spatial videos in 3D.” The company explains that with spatial photos and videos, you can relive cherished moments like never before on Apple Vision Pro.

But since it will be so hard to get this device in 2024, it could make sense if Apple would make this technology available in other devices, so once users get the chance to buy the Vision Pro, they would already have some memories to cherish.

BGR will keep reporting on the latest iPhone news as we learn more about them.




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