6 best visionOS 2 features coming to Apple Vision Pro

During the WWDC 2024 keynote, Apple briefly mentioned visionOS 2, the upcoming software update for Apple Vision Pro users. With more functions later revealed on Apple’s website, BGR has gathered the best visionOS 2 features coming to Apple Vision Pro.

Spatial photos: With visionOS 2, users can revisit past memories by creating spatial photos directly from their library in the Photos app. The developers who have already tried this feature say that even old photos look especially meaningful with Apple’s spatial photo tweaks.

New hand gestures: visionOS 2 makes navigating Apple Vision Pro faster and easier for users to access key functions with new hand gestures to get to frequently used features like Home View and Control Center. New gestures allow users to see important information at a glance, like the current time and battery level, and perform actions like adjusting the volume.

Mac Virtual Display: While Apple didn’t offer a second Mac display, the company is making sure its Virtual Display becomes one of the best visionOS 2 features. Apple says it will feature a higher resolution and larger size, creating an ultra-wide display equivalent to two 4K monitors side by side. 

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Image source: Apple Inc.

Home View:  Users can now personalize their Home View by rearranging apps and placing them wherever they want, including their compatible iPhone and iPad apps.

Travel Mode for Trains: While first available for plane trips only, users can experience their favorite apps on the go, now on trains.

Guest user: For those moments when a user wants to share their Vision Pro, a family member or colleague can be added as a Guest User and have their eye and hand data saved for 30 days.

That said, these are the six best visionOS 2 features coming to Apple Vision Pro later this fall. BGR has gathered everything you need to know about visionOS below.


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