5 last-minute leaks that make me want the iPhone 15 Pro Max even more

On September 12, Apple will announce the iPhone 15 Pro Max alongside three more affordable models as part of the iPhone 15 series. While I’m already planning to upgrade my iPhone 14 Pro Max to this new device, some last-minute rumored features from Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman have gotten me even more excited to make the switch later this month.

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New ultrawide-band chip: Of all the last-minute rumors, the one that excites me most for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a new U2 ultrawide-band chip. It is expected to launch in all four models and improve location capabilities, device tracking, and Find My app accuracy.

Enhanced repairability: Like the base iPhone 14 models, which are getting an internal redesign to make it easier to fix the display, Apple is said to be doing the same with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. It could reduce the cost of repairing their displays.

iPhone 14 repairabilityImage source: The Sydney Morning Herald / Apple

Even more camera upgrades: Even though the primary camera of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to remain the same, Apple will update the telephoto and ultrawide lenses. Gurman says they will have more megapixels, in addition to a new periscope lens for this bigger model, increasing magnification from 3x to around 6x without sacrificing quality.

Lighter and more durable: With Apple ditching the stainless steel finish for titanium, the next iPhone will be about 10% lighter and also more durable. That’s a perfect combination for those who think the current iPhone 14 Pro lineup is too heavy and too fragile.

Battery increase thanks to new chip: While BGR already covered all the details about the A17 Bionic chip, which will power the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Gurman claims the new processor will shine with battery life-saving enhancements. Since this iPhone is already rumored to have a longer battery life, it seems it will be the perfect option for hardcore users.

These are five last-minute rumored features that make the next iPhone more exciting, but you can learn about everything else Apple is expected to debut at its September 12 event in our roundup article below.




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