12 Apple announcements to expect at WWDC 2024

WWDC 2024 is just a week away. The special keynote takes place on June 10. After a packed WWDC 2023, there’s a lot we can see during the worldwide developer’s conference, even though rumors say we won’t get any major hardware announcements. Here’s everything Apple could unveil.

iOS 18: First and foremost, users can look forward to iOS 18. This software update for the iPhone will be all about AI, and there’s even a rumor that Apple is preparing a redesigned Home Screen.

iPhone 15 Pro showing App Store ahead of iOS 17.4 beta releaseImage source: José Adorno for BGR

iPadOS 18: With the new M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro models now available, we can’t wait to know more about iPadOS 18 during WWDC 2024. Details about upcoming features are unclear, but we could definitely see Freeform updates, Apple Vision Pro integration, and AI functions.

watchOS 11: This year marks the tenth anniversary of the first Apple Watch. While we expect great changes with Apple Watch Series 10, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman says watchOS 11 will be a fairly small update. Still, Apple will likely announce new features.

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macOS 15: So far, we know that Apple will bring Freeform and AI updates to macOS. As the Apple Silicon transition is completed, Cupertino will likely focus even more on its proprietary chips rather than Intel Macs.

M3 Max MacBook Pro 14-InchImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

tvOS 18: Last year was pretty packed for tvOS 17. We hope that during WWDC 2024, this operating system will keep shining as Apple announces even more home features for its users.

visionOS 2: With Apple Vision Pro available for almost two months now, we could definitely see its next operating system update. With several features yet to be revealed, this could be another packed year for spatial computing.

AI focus: Apple will likely focus on AI throughout its systems. Several reports talk about in-house technology and partnerships. This will be the most exciting announcement of the day.

iPhone Home Screen redesign: In a Power On newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman says Apple will revamp the iPhone Home Screen with iOS 18. According to the journalist, Cupertino will bring a long-requested feature: the ability for users to rearrange apps and widgets whenever they want. Other changes, such as a Control Center revamp, are also rumored.

Notes app with Voice Memo built-in: According to the latest rumors, Apple wants to integrate some of its apps with the Notes app, such as a built-in voice recording feature and some kind of Calculator integration within the app.

Apple Account brand: Apple is reportedly considering changing the name of Apple ID to “Apple Account.” It could happen once iOS 18 arrives. While it’s unclear why Apple might make the change, it would make a lot more sense in the context of Apple’s current business.

Generative AI emoji: While we already have an idea of the possible emojis coming with iOS 18 early next year, Apple might use generative AI to allow users to create their own emojis. The report detailed the AI emoji feature in Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter: “The company is developing software that can create custom emojis on the fly based on what users are texting. That means you’ll suddenly have an all-new emoji for any occasion, beyond the catalog of options that Apple currently offers on the iPhone and other devices.”

Apple Vision Pro expansion: Apple has already confirmed that Apple Vision Pro will launch in China later this year. Several other countries are also expected to get this spatial computer soon, most likely starting in July.

Apple Vision Pro spatial computer.Image source: Jonathan S. Geller

WWDC 2024 possible announcements wrap up

These are 12 news Apple could announce during WWDC 2024. That said, expect a pretty packed conference with even more possibly being unveiled.

BGR will keep reporting about this keynote as we learn more about it.


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