Wi-Fi issues in iOS 17 may be due to earlier betas

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Some iPhone users are encountering Wi-Fi issues in iOS 17, but it appears to be a problem mostly limited to current and previous beta participants.

Complaints about Wi-Fi after an Apple operating system release aren’t unexpected. However, following the clearing up of the iPhone 15 overheating issues, Wi-Fi problems have taken center stage.

Posts to X claim to be having problems with Wi-Fi dropping periodically for users, and having trouble reestablishing a connection. The complaints aren’t limited to just the service formerly known as Twitter, as some Reddit users have also posted about it, along with Apple’s support forum.

Unlike the overheating issues, the complaints aren’t largely centered around the iPhone 15. Instead, it seems to affect users of any model. This points to it being a software issue rather than a hardware one.

While it is unknown exactly why the issue is taking place, most cases are linked to the beta releases. Some posts have confirmed the users had used the betas before encountering the problem.

If the issue is wholly linked to the developer beta in some way, that could explain why it affects a relatively small population compared to one affecting general users.

One element that may have inflated the numbers is the fact that more people will have been using the developer beta for iOS 17 than for previous iterations. Apple made the developer beta easily installable from the first iOS 17 beta, even if the user didn’t have a developer account.

A factory reset and an iCloud restoration of the affected iPhone generally fixes the problem.

As with any other “widespread” issue, AppleInsider recommends that if the reset doesn’t fix your issue, you get it formally documented with Apple. The company does not take action based on social media claims.


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