What’s the smart way of moving forward with artificial intelligence?

AI and in particular generative AI has the potential to be transformative. Following on from the mass cloud adoption of the last fifteen years it’s the next evolution of how we use technology. How can organisations operationalise it to deliver business benefits? It’s a question that’s very much on the minds of technology leaders. The 2023 Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report, which takes in the views of over 2,100 technology leaders around the world, finds that seven in ten tech leaders believe the benefits of AI outweigh the risks – but only 15% of them feel prepared for the demands of generative AI. Only two in ten have an AI policy in place and more than a third (36%) have no plans to even attempt one at this time. As our report reflects, there is “excitement, confusion and concern in apparently equal measure.” For probably the first time in my career, people are genuinely having conversations around “Just because we can, should we?” AI is raising a whole new set of questions and debates.


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