Want to trick out your gaming rig? You can get a CPU cooler with a six-inch HD screen

We’re used to seeing bedazzled and tricked out best gaming PCs, like gorgeous cases with side glass panels that show off the innards, RGB-lit processors and graphics cards with top-tier cable management, liquid cooling systems that look pulled straight from a sci-fi movie, and more.

But this CPU cooler called the Lamptron ST060 is guaranteed to outclass anything you’ve ever seen, as it’s outfitted with a six-inch HD screen on the socket. The screen is handy for displaying either video or data from motherboard sensors. The latter, however, will most likely require a subscription if you’re using AIDA64. And this is on top of what you’ll be paying for that screen too, as the cooler retails for $300 (around £240 / AU$460). 

Most manufacturers use the extra space and attention around the CPU cooler to ensure that heat pipes, fin stacks, and fans are properly fitted to keep things running as efficiently and quietly as possible. But, according to Lamptron, there’s lots of cooling power nearby. A pair of 120mm fans are directly underneath the screen, as well as six 6mm heat pipes, and a double-tower heatsink. 

All this is capable of shifting up to 260W of thermal energy from a CPU, at least that’s what Lamptron claims, which is perfect for high-end and equally high heat-generating processors like the Intel Core i9-14900K or the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X. So if you have the best processor and plenty of cash to burn, the Lamptron ST060 may be the cooler to invest in.

There are two versions available for purchase: the first with black fans and a black heatsink, and the second with ARGB fans and a silver heatsink.

Expensive doesn’t equal better 

Seeing products like the Lamptron ST060 is certainly interesting, I can never smother my excitement for seeing expensive and unique accessories, components, and gaming rigs. Some examples are the sneaker-shaped gaming PC and the life-sized mech-shaped gaming PC, which also avoids the dreaded ‘PC aesthetic’ that I despise so much.

But there’s a certain level of annoyance that I also feel when seeing these sorts of products. Knowing that the market is as concerned with budget-minded products as it is, mainly thanks to the cost of living crisis, releasing something so pricey and yet so unnecessary feels almost insulting.

This wouldn’t be an issue if it was once in a while, but then you have tech corporations like Razer, which is already well-known for its expensive lineup, launch an entire round of gaming hardware and products that represent the worst of tech’s love affair with decadence. If the Lamptron ST060 is something you’re interested in purchasing, I’m not shaming in the slightest. But there needs to be more consistent and good quality options for budget buyers. 

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