Unlock new characters in Raid: Shadow Legends as iPhone RPG game celebrates new animated spin-off show

Fantasy-themed game Raid: Shadow Legends has become something of an RPG phenomenon since first arriving on the App Store four years ago, with Plarium’s turn-based combat game having recently spawned its own animated show.    

The role-playing epic takes you to the realm of Teleria, which has been subjugated by the Dark Lord Siroth, and where you’re tasked with assembling a team of powerful Champions to defeat his marauding forces.

Offering a similar playing style to PC role playing classic Divinity: Original Sin, the Freemium game offers a nice twist on the genre with its Artifacts system. This allow you to equip each of the characters under your control with six different powers that alter the performance of your Champions during battles. 

A great intro to the RPG genre

It’s a feature that adds further variety to a game that boasts plenty of depth, with over 300 unique characters to collect, and a solid single player mode that’s augmented with equally engrossing PvP match-ups.

Raid: Call of the Arbiter — the new animated show based on the game — has its opening episode available to watch on YouTube, with nine shorts set to be released on the streaming service weekly on Thursdays. 

To mark the show’s arrival, new characters are being added to the game, including Artak, who was introduced in the first episode. New Champions are set to be added with each new episode, however, you’ll need to earn those new characters by logging to the game seven times between now and August 1.

Boasting genuinely impressive graphics for a mobile game, alongside gameplay that’s equally satisfying for hardcore RPG heads as well as newcomers to the genre, now seems an ideal time to get stuck in to Raid: Shadow Legends’ questing to find out what all the fuss is about.



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