Total War: Pharaoh Now Available on macOS

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Feral Interactive has released “Total War: Pharaoh” for macOS, offering players the chance to immerse themselves in a strategic world set in the tumultuous era of the Bronze Age Collapse.

Egypt, once enjoying a prosperous era, now stands on the brink of civil war due to the catastrophic events of the Bronze Age Collapse. Those vying for the Pharaoh’s throne are inevitably drawn into bloody conflicts.

Total War: Pharaoh represents the latest addition to the widely acclaimed Total War franchise. It immerses players in a meticulously recreated eastern Mediterranean environment, where the territories are divided between Egypt, Canaan, and the formidable Hittite Empire.

The game embraces Total War’s distinctive grand strategy, offering expansive campaigns spanning Bronze Age Egypt and the rich lands of the Levant and beyond.

As ambitious contenders strive to conquer or defend these thriving regions, players can take advantage of the newly introduced Campaign Customization feature. This feature ensures that each campaign is unique, with options such as random starting positions for all factions, detailed resource settings, and the ability to introduce natural disasters.

Moreover, dynamic weather effects and wildfires can dramatically impact real-time battles, adding an enticing yet perilous dimension to the quest for the Pharaoh’s crown.

Total War: Pharaoh is available for macOS through the Feral Store or on Steam, with a price tag of $59.99. Additionally, Steam offers Deluxe and Dynasty Editions of the game for interested players. The game requires an Apple Silicon Mac, and lacks Intel Mac support.


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