This new iOS 17 feature helps users rely more on renewable energy

Grid Forecast in the Home app

A new feature has surfaced in iOS 17 that is designed to help promote clean energy use based on a user’s location.

Ahead of the full release, a new feature has popped up in the release candidate of iOS 17 that we hadn’t seen during the beta process. The new feature is called Grid Forecast and it helps predict electrical grid usage and sourcing of power supplying that grid based on a user’s location.

Apple says “using electricity during cleaner energy times can help lower carbon emissions.” Essentially, when your power supplier relies on renewable wind or solar energy that can help reduce your environmental footprint.

Thus far, Apple’s power monitoring features have been lackluster in the Home app. Many HomeKit accessories can show you how much energy you use but this information isn’t shown in the Home app, and instead shows in select third-party apps.


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