These rare vintage Apple computers were rescued from a scrapyard and you could own one

A cache of vintage Apple computers is up for auction, which isn’t all that unusual in itself. But where things really differ from the norm is where these computers came from.

While so many of these auctions are for computers that have been carefully maintained and treated with kid gloves since they were built, that definitely isn’t the case here. In fact, some of these computers are lucky to still be around at all.

That’s because the person who has them up for auction found them in a scrapyard, about to be sent off to the slaughter.

Saved at the last

The collection of Apple gear is now available for auction via RR Auction (opens in new tab) and is full of computers that were previously owned by former Apple chief operating officer Del Yocam. But their current owner found them about to make their way to China as scrap.

“Our consignor recognized these as being too valuable and historic to be destroyed, so he bought them from the scrap yard,” said Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction.

Yocam worked at Apple from 1983 through 1989 and the computers were found fully boxed and unused more than 15 years ago. These things are a far cry from modern machines like the 24-inch iMac, but there are some very important ones in the list of lots.

At the top of the list is an original Lisa with rare Twiggy drives, all in the original boxes. That lot alone is expected to bring in around $65,000. There’s also an Apple IIGS Woz Edition among other things.

There were apparently other items in the scrapyard as well, but they weren’t all able to be saved, unfortunately.

This cache of computers is a great juxtaposition with the Mac Pro that we’re still waiting for Apple to release in 2023. That will instantly become the best Mac Apple sells, but back in the day, it was all about that Lisa.



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