The Facebook Messenger Apple Watch app is going away and it’s happening soon

Facebook Messenger users who also happen to wear an Apple Watch are going to have to start using their iPhone to send messages soon, it seems.

While neither Facebook nor Meta have officially announced anything it appears that Messenger will no longer be available as an Apple Watch app come the end of May 2023. Users will of course continue to receive notifications from the iPhone that their Apple Watch is paired with, but the ability to reply to messages will be stripped out.

Sending messages afresh will also no longer be available once the Apple Watch app has been canned.

A stealthy removal

With no official press release from Meta or Facebook, this news has instead come via a message that some Apple Watch users have received from the Messenger app itself. What’s more, not all users have received it which suggests some may be left surprised that the app has been killed off.

PiunkaWeb (opens in new tab)reports that some people have received an alert warning them that the Messenger app will become unavailable after May 31.

“After May 31st, Messenger won’t be available as an Apple Watch app, but you can still use Messenger notifications on your watch,” the message reads.

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In a statement given to Reviewgeek (opens in new tab), Facebook confirmed the move.

“People can still receive Messenger notifications on their Apple Watch when paired, but starting at the end of May they will no longer be able to respond from their watch,” the statement reads. “But they can continue using Messenger on their iPhone, desktop, and the web.”

It isn’t clear why Facebook has taken this decision, but it’s an interesting one given the ongoing tension between Apple and Meta. As is so often the case it’s Facebook users who suffer, whatever the reason. With so many instant messaging platforms available perhaps now is a good time to consider switching.



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