The Coolest Games We Played At PAX West 2023

Dungeons and Dragons serves as the closest point of comparison for IronOak’s digital tabletop sequel, For The King II. Serving up five distinct campaigns for players to embark on by themselves or with up to three friends locally or online, For The King II gives you many of the thrills of Dungeons and Dragons, but without the need to painstakingly plot out your campaign or befriend a creative dungeon master. After the queen is corrupted and turned evil, the people form a resistance to fight back and take her down. As such, your party isn’t made of warriors or heroes, but rather villagers. You build your party from classes like Hunter, Farmer, Stablehand, and more, each with their own distinct abilities; for example, the Scholar can replenish the party’s all-important Focus resource, while the Herbalist can find herbs in the wild and serve as a healer.

The hex-based map grants each character a certain number of actions, but the game really sings once you get into combat. Featuring two lines of characters, complete with mobility, positioning is key as shielded characters can guard those behind them or area-of-effect attacks can damage several lumped-together party members. With several adventures to choose from and various dungeons, game-modifying Scourge Haunts, and more, For The King II looks like a great way to experience all the thrills of a tabletop experience like DND, but without any of the work. For The King II arrives sometime this year.


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