The best thing about Nvidia’s RTX Super launches might just be the price cuts coming thick and fast on AMD’s rival RDNA 3 GPUs

AMD’s RDNA 3 graphics cards seem to be markedly falling in price since Nvidia launched its RTX Super refreshes.

Following other recent price cuts, two of the RX 7000 family of GPUs have just dropped to new lows that make them seriously tempting.

As VideoCardz flagged up in both cases, these are the AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT and the RX 7900 XT.

In the case of the mid-range 7700 XT, this graphics card is now down to $352 at Amazon.com and $356 at Newegg (both in the US, which equates to about £280, $AU540). That’s for the PowerColor Fighter and Hellhound versions of this GPU respectively, which is a whole new value proposition for one of the more affordable GPUs out there.

Sadly, while these GPUs were available when we started writing this article, they are now sold out – though it might be worth popping back on and checking nevertheless (you can still opt to be notified of stock coming in via Newegg).

With the high-end RX 7900 XT, pricing has been chopped to $699 (about £550, $AU1,070) at both Amazon.com and Newegg again, this time for the same model of the graphics card, Sapphire’s Pulse. This GPU is still in stock (at least at the time of writing).

Analysis: Under pressure

These are some pretty big discounts on the normal pricing for these graphics cards, coming on top of other recent cuts for AMD’s RDNA 3 GPUs. Remember, these are custom models above the MSRP in some cases, so for example that PowerColor Hellhound 7700 XT is 25% off at Newegg (or was before it flew off the shelves – unsurprisingly at that asking price).

As mentioned, this has been a bit of a theme since Nvidia unleashed its trio of RTX Super refreshes for Lovelace. We’ve also witnessed AMD’s RX 7800 XT hit as low as $480 in the US recently (about £380, AU$730), which again is quite the bargain (it’s currently our favorite of the best graphics cards out there).

Indeed, the 7800 XT sinking to this kind of level has put some pressure on the 7700 XT, so we were anticipating that this more affordable sibling would become cheaper – but we weren’t expecting one model to drop the best part of a hundred bucks. Other 7700 XT graphics cards will likely follow in those price dropping footsteps, with any luck, and we await that prospect with keen anticipation…

In some ways, the best thing about Nvidia’s new Super graphics cards is that they’ve heaped some pressure on top of AMD on the pricing front, with card makers and retailers now responding across several Radeon products. (Although AMD has not officially announced any price cuts, we should clarify).

All of this is great news for consumers, of course, with more choice and peppier models from Nvidia, and better pricing with Team Red’s rival GPUs. The icing on the cake is the aforementioned price pressure of the new RTX Super cards also applies to Nvidia’s own existing Lovelace GPUs, as we’ve also witnessed a recent fall in the asking price of the RTX 4070 Ti. (Side note: it’s rumored to be on its way out, and to be fully replaced by the 4070 Ti Super refresh, so inventory needs to be cleared).

Hopefully what we’re seeing here in the US so far will spread to other AMD models, and indeed filter through to other regions, too, because it’s the same situation with these mid-to-upper-range GPUs in those territories, of course.

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