The best iPod dock of all time just got an F1 makeover for your iPhone — and it’s a beauty

The cross-section of audiophiles who are also McLaren fans must be quite small, but it numbers at least one, myself. So you can imagine the squeal of delight I let slip when into my inbox popped this, the brand new Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin McLaren edition. 

It’s the same B&W Zeppelin you know and love, adorned with some delicious papaya details, as well as that McLaren Speedy Kiwi. If you recall, the Zeppelin was one of the the most iconic iPod and iPhone docks back in 2008, and it persists in 2023 as a potent speaker. 

No longer relying on aged docking technology, it can stream high-quality audio from all the usual sources. This speaker is the result of an eight-year partnership that has seen Bowers & Wilkins speakers power the audio inside all of McLaren’s supercars and hypercars. 

The audio package

(Image credit: Bowers & Wilkins)

The new Zeppelin McLaren edition will cost £799 / $899 / €899 from retailers, that’s the black one you can see here. However, there’s also an awesome Papaya version limited to just 60 exclusive models. One for each year of McLaren’s anniversary. Those will only be available in select McLaren dealerships and probably quite a bit more expensive. 

240W of power drives the Zeppelin’s stereo speakers, left and right, positioned around a large subwoofer. Specifically, it has two double dome tweeters and two FST midrange speakers, the subwoofer is a beefy six inches.  If you’re not a McLaren fan (what’s wrong with you?) there are still the grey and midnight colors to choose from.

The McLaren edition also heralds a new Bowers & Wilkins multi-room mode that works with all compatible Zeppelins and the Panorama 3, as well as the Formation models. 

The Zeppelin McLaren Edition is available from Bowers & Wilkins now, and looks like one of the best smart speakers ever. 



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